Sybiliam is an electro-mysterical rock band, with a strong influence of Greco-Roman mythology in their lyrics. Their songs, in English, Spanish and Latin, generate an atmosphere where, with a contemporary perspective, the sacred and the profane converge, giving rise to a show in which dance, fusion and drama complete the sense of the group.

Lyricist, composer of voice melodies, singer, co-creator. Her love for Greco-Roman mythology and music drove her to explore the myth through lyrics, melodies, choreography and performances. The idea was always to approach it with a modern perspective, to re-appropriate it and show it alive on stage.

Composer of the instrumental and co-creator of Sybiliam. Restless, curious, with an infinite number of musical influences, he did not hesitate to create a universe of sound in which to house the Greco-Roman myths. Sybiliam has always been a risky project, both for its subject matter and for the mixture of myths with a modern musical atmosphere. 

His electric guitar makes the very foundations of the Underworld rumble, giving a rock touch to the electronic atmospheres that condense the group's mystical atmosphere. Sybiliam's music would not be the same without his arrangements.

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